Conversion from one religion to another

It is always a million dollar question for me why people convert from one religion to another religion.Every religion has its shortcomings ,each and every person on earth has problems . Can conversion solve daily life problems? If a person is poor or facing discrimination in one religion he or she converts most of the time  for money offered  or in hope to get respect in another religion. But this is again a million dollar question whether he or she gets that respect for which he or she got converted.I read recently an article that a Christian lady in london got converted to islam after meeting a muslim boyfriend by saying that christenity forces women to behave like men in sexual matters and started wearing burqa.It was quite a funny statement for me .we here are fighting for equal rights.I was unable to understand  that how any lady be got attracted to a religion which support child marriage,put restrictions on females, treat them like a child making machines,almost zero rights for women ,allow four wives,allow wife beating ,uses all kind of modren technology but do not want to get modernise their thoughts.In this modren times when lots of ladies are fighting to come out of veil and age old customs such kind of converted muslims who follow the religion more strictly to prove themselves devotees as born muslims becomes a setback to the movement of those ladies.Every women in any religion wants to be treated with respect ,but conversion is not the answer .It generates new problems. Some of these converties are used by wrong people for wrong reasons.  I think every religion in some way or other way misogynist,and islam is the ultimate and need reforms.

An open mind is not everybody’s cup of tea

Human mind works in funnier ways. I wonder  why do people  not want to live free , think free and do not want to enjoy the gifts of nature. Only few out of us has the courage to follow their heart, most of us are slave of our mind. From the very childhood our brains are conditioned for what to do and what not to do as per family and society norms. Boundaries are set for us and it is always difficult to break those boundaries. Everyone is tied with invisible chains. Fear of outside world is much bigger than the wish to live on our own terms. We prefer to grow as a family rather than grow as a person . We do not want to  come out of our comfort zones,security given by parents and families even when we are adult enough to take charge of our life.  I have seen  so many people suffering silently because they do not have courage to leave or counter those people and surroundings who are cause of their sufferings. Sometimes they are not aware how to proceed and sometimes fear does not let them proceed. Stories of successful and confident people shows us that every successful person had to leave their comfort zone to grow as a person and gain that confidence.
               Let yourself free to grow as a person.  Let your soul free from fear of future …fear of unknown. Explore every positive thing and live a full life. Live a little for yourself. Expanding our horizon , looking at the bigger picture of life ,accepting people with their faults and not allowing others specially negative people to dominate our minds always help us to live stress free happy life.

Flavour of Life

Life is a beautiful journey with its ups and downs…….highs and lows…..friends and foes.From the very childhood , we meet so many people … some become part of our journey and some only co-passengers for a small  period of time.Some hurt us badly and some heel us patiently.Some give us beautiful memories that bring a smile on our face in hard times and some we do not even want to remember. Life is like a garden with a variety of flowers with their own color and  fragrance … a road …. sometimes surrounded by beautiful places …..sometimes with harsh desserts .  Showers of blessings and hope come when least expected,  bring down the rising temperature due to frustration and struggles…increases the beauty of life.Love and optimism in life are the binding force which inspires us to continue.Opportunities and hard work are the assets.Happiness  on younger faces  filled the heart and soul with tremendous happiness.To live  fulfilling life is a blessing.Life is a journey ..if we would enjoy the journey …we definitely will rest in a beautiful destination.

Old friends, old memories and role of luck

I forced to think about role that  luck plays in our lives when i met one of my school friend on social media after almost twenty years. Once we were best of pals in school then came college she chose different stream than me but we were still in touch. She was best student of our class always stood first ,then in college also always got highest grades ,cleared UGC exam in one go .  She belonged to a conservative family but in some way or another we all belonged to families which have some rules and regulations. Then came the turning point , she got married and we lost touch after that.  After two years of her marriage i also got married and then got busy with my own life .There was no time to restore the lost contacts. But thanx to social media  through which we got a chance to find these lost friends. We fixed a meet. She got married in a wealthy but conservative family with a strict , traditional and dominating mom in law. She is a housewife now and lost touch with her glorious past .Once she was very ambitious and now she is in front of me with lots of wealth ,two kids and lots of fat,no more connection with her own ambition . Once she used to be parent’s role model for their girls , an exemplary figure and we felt jealousy towards her and now here she was,  feeling jealous of me, because  i was a mediocre student, but career wise  i m doing well now. I got a supportive hubby ,family and some good opportunities.
                    It was a good experience to find a lost friend and chat again . I was thinking on my way back home ,how luck plays a role in our lives . Now i was curious to know about other friends too.

Why Indian Marriages Work?

Yesterday i was reading a blog on the same topic. Some foreigners were asking this question to the writer and reply of the writer was because of commitment to each other, seems perfectly right. But i started thinking over it ,was the reply of writer perfect? I think there are some more practical and economical reasons also–
May be because of the dowry given in marriage ….girls parents cannot afford their daughter coming back to them….economic burden.
-Of course kids ….no parent want their daughter back with kids….again economic burden.
-Because of less options available in society for  divorcee girls …attitude of society has not changed much.
-Pressure from both side parents and society
– Financial dependency on spouse.
Of course emotional reasons are also there…emotional dependency
-Attachment to kids one of the major reason.
– Still in India there is not much scope of experiment in this field
– Respect for parents or terror of parents  one of them is there that also pulls a relationship.
So many reasons but the best thing still is commitment either towards kids or spouse . But one cannot deny that pressure of society is also one of the major reason. Also we cannot forget the role of courts here ..because of delay in decisions and the money one has to spend  in court procedure people do not want to approch courts either.
So, all of the small pieces put together have a major impact on ones decision towards or against separation.

Business out of Fear

The incident of Shani Shingnapur Mandir and statement  of Shankaracharya Swaroopanand over this shows how our religious leaders play with fear and frustrations of normal people.Every human being faces ups and downs in his or her  lifetime and this is the time when fear of unknown things takes over our logical part.Suddenly we start believing in religion more than our usual days.Women in almost every society provide huge business to these people and are always worst criticised and treated by these mongers of religion.Suppressed in their own households, only religious practices provide them some freedom ,some free time for themselves and respect among others , so it becomes charming to them .In the name of satsangs they can travel alone or in groups and can get free time for themselves  which otherwise they would never get , so it becomes fun time ,and the important part is that no one points a finger at them for these religious practices. The huge gathering of ladies in these satsangs is not because of they are practising the preachings of that particular baba or religion , but because they get some change out of their routine boring life.Some of them sometimes get exploited also.But still it is the only outing for ladies which has approval of society in remote areas.And in some religions these self imposed agents of god are so powerfull that no one can raise a voice against them.People follow their versions of faith without pointing a finger over them or raising a voice against their farmans .Whoever try to do  has to face consequences.Sometimes people follow just to keep peace among family  and society

A day without tv and internet

I entered home and my daughter started complaing ….mom internet is not working so is tv and landline phone.She was so frustrated as if some family member was seriously ill. I tried to pacify her but of no use. I was thinking how much we become dependent on internet.But after sometime i also started missing tv and working on laptop.The whole environment had become dull.We were sitting without talking to each other. Certain amount of uneasiness was in the room.We had forgotten how to live without internet.Then slowly we started discussing how to make a complaint.After a small exercise and few phone calls we managed to lodge a complaint . She was also happy now This whole exercise was fun . We togeather check all the connections instructed by the executive other side , were laughing on each other’s mistakes and this brought back smile on our faces, a new kind of mother daughter bonding over this defected connection.

Conflict of mindsets

Here in this world,  we the middle class  of  Indian society are living a confused life.We have seen traditions and we still are following them.We  questions these traditions in our mind, argue with ourselves but still follow them for the fear of society or to please an elder. But today’s generation is more vocal.They give voice to the thoughts and ask questions.We as their parents understood and try to satisfy their queries but sometimes we feel weak.The actual problem arises when they have to work among such people who blindly follow traditions and expect others to follow without raising a finger against the traditions.This conflict of mindsets or beliefs sometimes takes ugly turn and creates  hate  for each other because either of them does not want to change their belief system

Definition of morality

Is it right to spread a rumour about someone in the name of marality?how anyone can get a right to say wrong things on the basis of assumptions only? What if someone is corrupt and has a bad reputation in society do we get all the rights to assume about his or her character and can diagnose it publicly?  What if we are influential person in society do we get all the rights to tarnish the image of anyone?